Akasha Afsana is a self-taught designer and seamstress. She started sewing Renaissance clothing in 2002, including boned bodices, court dresses, doublets, tights and leatherwork. Starting on the hard end of the sewing spectrum taught her a lot of good foundational sewing skills that help her in solid construction of her designs. Her belly dance sewing began in 2003 as a side job, but having many dance friends, her sewing business grew large enough that she quit her corporate job and eventually started Akashawear in the Fall of '09. Akasha is the sole owner, designer and seamstress of Akashawear, working out of her design studio in her home.

Unique is an adjective that Akasha has always endeavored to be, in her personality, humor and sense of style! So it's not surprising that her designs are too. Limited run fabrics will perpetuate that sense of uniqueness, so that you can have your own unique look in your costuming. While her main designs will stay constant, new designs will be introduced periodically.

All designs are made of quality 3 and 4-way stretch fabrics with reinforced serged seams for long-wearing durability. Fabrics are purchased in small lots for limited-run styles. To better fit you, we offer a range of sizes from XS - XXL, based on US sizing charts (see sizing charts for details) - and lengths of P (petite), A (average), T (tall), and Z (amazon). You pick out the design, fabric, and size, then Akasha creates your custom pieces within 5 business days, and ships them to you (rush order/shipping available)!

While Akasha's design studio is smoke-free, she does have cats, but they aren't allowed in the studio. So if you have a severe allergy, please indicate that so proper precautions can be taken.

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Custom work available at $40/hour